The measurement of electroplated coatings.

Turbine blades, engines, landing gear – they’re all electroplated to some extent. Other coatings may be ceramic, some aluminium engine parts are anodised.  Cadmium plating has seen a great deal of use due to its corrosion resistance and lubricating properties although, there have been environmental concerns as cadmium is known to be a contaminant with health risks.

A replacement continues to be sought and zinc-nickel plating has become the preferred alternative as it produces the required corrosion resistant finish that is also rust resistant. In fact, ever since Boeing came up with acid zinc nickel plating, this technology has gained popularity in almost all markets.

Fischer’s extensive product range is able to accurately measure plating and anodised surfaces and provide a solution to the complex measuring requirements within the aerospace industry.

Case Studies and Applications

Screws on a jigBatch conformity over hundreds of tiny items was the requirement and many marketplace options were considered from handhelds to more automated desktop solutions before deciding on the fully programmable, automated Fischer XDLM 237 with its test report functionality

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