Microhardness and mechanical testing forms an integral part of quality testing for safety critical structural aircraft components. Increasingly surface treatments and coatings are used to enhance the performance of components without adding to the weight.

Fischer’s range of Mechanical testing equipment includes depth sensing hardness testers and scratch testing equipment specifically designed for testing on coatings and service treatments. This allows accurate measurement of the hardness, Young’s modulus and wear resistance of components ensuring they meet their in service specifications.

Case Studies and Applications

Microhardness tester MH2000 s

Until recently, quick scratch testing with pencils to determine the hardness of paint coatings has been commonplace. However, the reliability and reproducibility of this method is questionable.
Because of the stringent quality standards in the coating industry, it is necessary to be able to test the hardness of paint coatings reliably.

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Hardness of anodised aluminium

Determining the hardness of an anodised aluminium part

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