Inspection Programme

Create test reports and inspection plans easily with the DataCentre and DataCentre IP software packages.  The inspection programme begins with field measurement and ends with evaluating and reporting the results of the data collected. The FISCHER DataCentre Software drastically reduces the administrative time previously required because measurement data is easily transferred to a PC where readings are listed and evaluated in a variety of formats. Results may be viewed in Specification Limit Displays, Final Summary Results, Histogram, Probability Charts, SPC, FISCHER’s Graphical Results FDD or in Custom Report Templates.
The custom report template capability of the FISCHER DataCentre allows for the quick and easy paperless importing of data into the exact reports required by internal quality departments or government agencies.

Complete inspection plans can be loaded onto small mobile instruments, such as the Fischer DUALSCOPE® FMP100, with the use of the Fischer DataCentre IP (Inspection Plan). Pictures and graphics loaded to the instrument enhance the instructions detailing the number of and exact locations to measure.

The basic version FISCHER DataCentre is included in the delivery of all FISCHER instruments that have USB, RS232 ports, or Bluetooth Connectivity. 

Inspection Plans Aerospace

Results may be viewed in custom-made templates

Inspection Plans used on the FMP100

Instructions can be loaded onto the FISCHER handheld devices, like the DUALSCOPE® FMP100

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