Fischer has a lot of experience in reliable and safe measurement technology, having worked alongside the military and large aerospace OEM’s. Fischer’s range of measurement devices offers quality assurance of electronic parts in high-reliability components, meeting critical ENIGPEG specifications to include the recent IPC 4552A. Fischer’s expertise includes the monitoring of lead content in soldered connections to prevent tin whiskers.


Case Studies and Applications

Electronics Testing

The Merlin PCB Group has been working in partnership with Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd to investigate the repeatability of measurements made on the gold layer of ENIG layers on printed circuit boards. Further measurements were made to determine the potential of using these data to allow closer control of the ENIG plating process

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Hi reliability applications

For most electronics applications it is prohibited to use solders that contain lead (RoHS and WEEE directives). However, the so-called tin whiskers that sometimes grow from the surface of unleaded solder can cause short circuits – posing an unacceptable risk for high reliability (“hi-rel”) applications in aerospace and military use.

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Fischerscope x-ray xdal


Electronics testing


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